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Winter Pistol League

Why you should Join the Winter Pistol League


Tigger control and mental toughness. Need to improve these in your shooting?


The Winter Pistol League uses the Bullseye Pistol format consisting of Slow-fire, Timed-fire, and Rapid-fire courses. We shoot the National Match Course for score each week which includes 10 shots in each format. Scores are recorded through the season so you can check your progress.


Targets are set at 25 yards and we shoot one handed. If this sounds difficult it is, but I’m sure our members are up to the challenge. Once you establish a shooting process scores are sure to rise. Developing a shooting process helps across all shooting disciplines from shooting clay birds to benchrest rifle.


If you are just getting started a .22 semi auto is a good gun to use. That said, a full match includes a center fire and .45 ACP so it’s not unusual to see those guns on the line.


The regular members are more than willing to help new shooters with tips on shooting technique and gunsmithing to help with controlling the trigger and learning how important the mental game is to your results.


As a friendly crowd, the favorite part of the evening is heading to Picadeli’s restaurant for some food and fellowship where the discussions continue. 


Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:


Peter Shepler




Location:            Indoor Range

Dates/Times: Every Thursday from November through March 5:30 - 7 PM 
Be sure to check the club calendar for any exceptions

Participants: Members only. Expect @ 10 full time participants and up to 25 total members

Event Director: Peter Shepler #1941

Contact Info: (330) 608-6833 or

Purpose:       To build camaraderie within the club and introduce members to pistol competition who are unfamiliar, refine
pistol skills, and improve the safe handling of firearms.  

Conduct of the event

Utilize the Indoor NRA National Match course as the standard for the competition.  Participants can select one of the three calibers used in competition, .22, Centerfire, .45 ACP. 

Each Thursday, the event will consist of a series of 3 National Matches being called with a 5-minute break in-between (each match takes approximately 30 minutes to complete).  Members may choose the best time for them to attend based on their schedule.  

The standard carriages will be used for target handling and so commence firing and cease firing will be signaled by sound (as opposed to our turning target system). This was used this past winter pistol league and allowed the event to occur without the need for members to go downrange.  All commands for shooters will use the NRA standard set of commands for competition.  This also allows non-event participants to use the range if firing positions are available.

Scoring will be updated weekly and emailed to all participants.  Standard NRA/CMP classifications will be used.  Those new to the sport will have the option of firing at targets set to 15 yards as opposed to the standard 25 yards and .22 only competition will be allowed as well.  The goal is to make this as easy as possible for new shooters to learn the fundamentals.



CMP 2700 "Bullseye" Pistol 
is a national shooting discipline organized in the US. 
Participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits.  Emphasis is on accuracy and precision. 
All shooters must be certified with the CMP or NRA - Otherwise, must meet CRPC requirements for safety/competency.  
CMP 2700 Outdoor Pistol Match (.22 / CF / .45) 90 shots per match.
Course of Fire:  900 Aggregate:
  • 2 strings of slow fire. Each string consists of 10 shots at 50 yards at a NRA B6 target. The bullseye diameter is 8 inches (20 cm)
  • 1 National Match Course consisting of one 10-shot slow fire string at 50 yards, two 5-shot strings of timed fire at 25 yards, and two 5-shot strings of rapid fire at 25 yards.
  • 4 strings of timed fire. Each string consists of 5 shots in 20 seconds at 25 yards at a NRA B8 target. The bullseye diameter is 5.5 inches (14 cm).
  • 4 strings of rapid fire. Each string consists of 5 shots in 10 seconds at 25 yards at a NRA B8 target. The bullseye diameter is 5.5 inches.
  • Bullseye specifies three classes of pistol; a .22 caliber rimfire, a centerfire handgun of .32 caliber or greater; and a .45 caliber pistol (.22 can be used throughout).
  • Any sight can be used except lasers.
Match Director:  Larry McCorkle /
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