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In preparation for the Annual Dues Renewal starting April 1, 2021, please log in to the website and check your profile for accuracy.  If you haven’t logged in to this new website before, here is what to do:

  1. Click on Member Login.


  2. A box will come up asking for your User Name and Password. The User Name from the previous website we were using last year may not work. If you have any trouble, select “Forgot My Username/Password” and after confirming your email and first name, you will be emailed your User Name and/or temporary Password.


  3. Once you have successfully logged in, please check the following and update if necessary. (There are instructions in the FAQs under the [MEMBERS] tab --> “Member How-To’s”):

                                   Email Address

                                   Physical Address

                                   Phone Number

                                   Birth Date

                                   NRA Number and Expiration Date


  4. Also please verify the number of Volunteer Hours you have been credited. If they differ from your numbers, please contact the person with whom you volunteered to verify. (There are also instructions in the FAQs under the [MEMBERS] tab --> “Annual Dues Renewal”.)


Thanks for Updating! It will make your Annual Dues Renewal process faster!

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