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Military Rifle Match


The Military Rifle Match Mod 2.0

Place: 300 yd Rifle range. Prone and standing positions will be reserved for this match.

Times: 0800 Registration, 0845 Safety Briefing, 0900 Shots Fired.

Description: All shots will be fired from the covered firing positions, Prone and Standing. Steel targets will be 12” x 20” placed on stands at 300 yards.

1)  Steel Plate Challenge: 5 targets, 4 black and 1 red. From the prone position using a Military Style Autoloading rifle, the 4 black targets will be engaged first, the red target last (stop plate). Black targets can be engaged in any order as many times as necessary for a hit. The Red target will be engaged last and time will stop when hit. Black targets cannot be re-engaged after the red target is hit. Once in prone position this will be fired 4 times. Fastest time recorded.
Steel Plate Challenge classes: Light Division (Below 30 cal.), Heavy Division (30 cal. and above), Optic Division.
This court of fire will be fired twice. Shooter can shoot in 2 different classes if desired.

2)  Military Bolt Rifle: 4 targets, 3 black and 1 red. As above red target will be shot last and stops the times. Fired from the prone position, fired 3 times. Fastest time recorded. No optics.

3)  Standing: Using any Military Style Rifle 3 targets, 2 black and 1 red will be shot from the standing position. As above red target stops the time. Fired 2 times. Fastest time recorded. No optics.

A Spotter with a spotting scope will be used to verify “HITS” on target. The targets are hanging and visibly move when hit. The spotter will yell “HIT’ if the target is struck and say nothing if a miss. Time stops when the Red target is hit. 5 Second penalty for each black target missed. If contested, a re-shoot will be done.

Plaques will be awarded for the first 3 places in all 5 categories.

Reno Santini, Match Director.

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