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Historic US Service Rifle Match

The Historic Service Rifle Match is highpower rifle match. But it is based around  the rifles that American soldiers and Marines carried  from San Juan Hill to Belleau Wood, to Iwo Jima and Omaha Beach, to Inchon. It is an opportunity shoot these amazing rifles in competition and to reflect upon the men whom they served so well.
Eligible rifles are US service rifles issued from 1892 through 1957. These include the M1892 Springfield, the M1903 Springfield and the M1 Garand. In order to preserve the authenticity of this event, the rifles must be “as-issued” National Match rifles are not permitted. Only iron sights are used.
The match format is similar to a CMP Garand/Springfield match. Competitors will shoot the entire match from 200 yards. They shoot standing, sitting or kneeling, and prone.  The match consists of 40 shots fired for record (plus sighting shots) in timed slow and rapid-fire stages. Competitors must furnish their own ammunition.
New shooter are welcome. Highpower rifle shooting is a challenging discipline that is steeped in over a century of tradition.  It is also an excellent measure of a shooter’s skill and stamina.  The course of fire and distances are set so the match is challenging, yet good results are achievable. Anyone who loves these old rifles should give this match a try. We often pair new shooters with an experienced shooter to make sure they understand what is happening during the match.
The CRPC Historic Service Rifle match is held twice a year. Traditionally the match  is held on the first or second Sunday in January and July.  Please refer to  the club calendar for specific dates. This match is open to the public.
For further information, please contact Travis Rushing at
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