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Shotgun Ranges are for the use of Members and Guests of Members only.

The Club's Shotgun Range has Skeet and Trap fields that are open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On weekends we operate a 5-Stand venue. We also have multiple Practice Fields that offer new shooters some simple shots as they master the basics. Hours of operation are posted and change with the seasons.

There are some things you should know if you are considering coming out to shoot. We do not want you to make the trip out to Waxhaw only to learn that we cannot accommodate you. So here are the details:

We are wing shooters

We shoot clay targets that are moving through the air. If you want to shoot water jugs with your home defense shotgun, we will not be able to accommodate you.

We do not rent shotguns

Many shooting venues are for profit business operations and it is common for them to have some rental guns. We are a private club and don’t operate a gun rental facility.

We limit the type of ammunition to be used at our range

You may not shoot shot that is larger that #7½. So #7½, #8, #8½, and #9 shot are welcome. We sell shells at the club for people who need them, although you may be able to find shells for less at Dick’s or Wal-Mart. Remember, no buckshot, no steel shot, and nothing larger than #7½.

All shotguns must have shoulder stocks

A Taurus Judge may shoot shotgun shells, but it cannot be shot at our shotgun range.

Eye and ear protection is required

Any type of glasses, including sun glasses, will do. Any type of ear plugs will do. But you cannot shoot without them. We sell safety glasses and ear plugs for those who do not have them.

We have safety rules

You will have the opportunity to review them and ask questions when you arrive. But please pay attention to them. Safety is paramount to us and we hope that it is paramount to you, too. If you have a question, please ask the Shotgun Duty Officer or email the Shotgun Director at

Fees, Costs and Hours

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