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Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club

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Q: How do I get to the ranges?
Click here Directions

Q: Can I shoot on the Shotgun Ranges?

As of 7/1/2016 our Shotgun Ranges are open to Members and the guests of Members only.


Q: May I visit the your ranges before I decide to join?
Yes, but you will need to be escorted by a Member or a Range Safety Officer.  If you don't know a Member please Contact Us

Q: How do I join, do I need a sponsor, do I need to belong to the NRA, what is the membership process?
Click Join the Club to view information about joining the club


Q: If I still have questions on how to join, then what?
Click here to Contact Us and send us an email.

I have some suggestions for the club...

Please feel free to Contact Us


Q: Do you offer rental guns?

No, the Club does not rent firearms.


Q: Do I have to be a member to shoot?
With the exception of certain organized events, yes, to shoot at Club Ranges you must be a Member or the guest of a Member.


Q: My question wasn't covered what?
Contact Us to email your question.

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